Wildlife Gardening for chidlren is important

Wildlife Gardening

Every garden has its many surprises – be it wildlife, or beautiful flowers springing up in other parts of the garden unexpectedly. No wonder Rebecca from our story loves Aunty Sue’s garden! In this post we share the importance of wildlife gardening!

Gardening Lessons for Children – Lesson 2

Gardening lessons for children is a real investment into their future and that of the environment. Children can benefit from the exercise, producing fresh food and developing a love for nature and the plants. Just like Rebecca in our story book. This post shares some exciting work carried out in schools teaching children all about gardening.

Gardening lessons from Auntie Sue to young gardeners

Auntie Sue’s Lessons on Gardening for Young Gardeners – Lesson 1

Straight from Rebecca and the Strangest Garden, Rebecca is about to learn all there is to know about being a super gardener and looking after the environment. A treat not to be missed in this post as Auntie Sue begins her lessons on how to be a great gardener for children.

Children's Book Rebecca and the Strangest Garden is launched!!


A lovely new Children’s Book called Rebecca and the Strangest Garden was launched in a private event in Mayfair. It features a delightful story of friendship, fun and love for the environment. It is available from Amazon, or https://rebeccaandthestangestgarden.com
It will make a delightful present and is the first in the series.

Children's Book Rebecca and the Strangest Garden on sale

Introducing a new Black Girl Heroine, Rebecca from Rebecca and the Strangest Garden

A lovely Children’s Book on friendship, fun, loving the environment – introducing Rebecca as the heroine who rescues the garden from disaster. Rebecca and the Strangest garden is the first in the series of our Rebecca stories.