Gardening lessons from Auntie Sue to young gardeners

Auntie Sue’s Lessons on Gardening for Young Gardeners – Lesson 1

Okay, Okay! You have all twisted my arm! Rebecca had been begging and pleading for me to teach her and her friends all I know about gardening and looking after plants, so I will! Teaching gardening for young gardeners is close to my heart! I’m Auntie Sue, Rebecca’s youthful playful and hopefully cool Auntie. You can read more about me in Rebecca and the Strangest Garden! First of all, it started when Rebecca came to stay with me one summer. She had no idea that my garden was quite unique! More of that later.

Gardening for young gardeners
“Hi Guys!! We are here to share gardening tips from my Auntie Sue! Yes..she has agreed to teach most of what she knows! We are in for a treat! Read and enjoy!”

Plants in Summer

Rebecca noticed that I love my garden with all the beautiful and different colours from the plants and trees. My first opportunity to teach gardening for young gardeners was Rebecca herself. She visited me during her summer holidays and heard my secrets on gardening.  At the time of writing to you, it is August and summer is well and truly here. Are you on your summer holidays too?

Caring During a Heatwave

We have experienced a massive heatwave here in the UK.  The poor grass is like straw, the flowers are really parched and needing to be watered regularly. You do recall how the plants in my garden moaned miserably at the thought of not being watered. Well, just imagine how unhappy the flowers would be in this heat! Therefore, my first lesson is about looking after the garden in a heatwave. My question to you is: What do you do to protect the flowers from becoming dry and parched like the grass?

Five Tips for Gardening for Young Gardeners

First of all, here are my top five tips for caring for the plants during the summer heatwave:

  1. Check the soil. Is it dry and the leaves wilted? Ensure the plant is nicely watered. Do make sure its not over watered as that will not be very good.
  2. If you are going away on holiday, ask nice neighbours to help with watering the plants. There are  clever devices you can insert into the soils to irrigate the flowers if you are away.
  3. As well as water, the flowers and plants may need plant food. Remember Rebecca offered her drink of elderflower water? Well, that’s not the nutrient they need. There is special food for plants and flowers. They need to be handled safely therefore an adult will help you with these. I have given some examples here.

    Gardening for young gardeners lesson 1 advice on inspecting for bugs
    Can you see the signs of the bugs nibbling the plant’s leaves?
  4. At this time of year, the bugs are around in the hundreds! As a result, look out for them and alert an adult who can help you to get rid of them. Above all, some of them are harmless to us humans, but they are a real nuisance. In contrast, they can destroy the roots of the plants. Furthermore, some nibble the leaves. Others fly around laying more eggs,  another family of hundreds are birthed weeks later.
  5. Remove dead leaves which can help the plants and flowers to stay healthy and look prettier. In my garden, we have had to remove sooo many dead and dried leaves. After all the ‘clipping and snipping’, as mentioned by my Miss Bateman, the flowers looked lovely again.

Well, that will do for now. I have given you all something to think about and your homework is….tell me how much of the five tips you were able to do!

Look out for lesson 2 which is coming soon!!

Auntie Sue xx

The Excited Gardener

One day an experience gardener visited. He was so impressed with my garden, that he began to show me the friendly wild life that visited and even stayed. He showed me the two naughty squirrels who ran up and down the fence and hopped away into the nearby tree. If I was not going to enjoy the garden, they were going to. He showed me the many worms who popped their heads out to visit. He showed the robin red breast who was extremely inquisitive and who would fly right in from of me to check what I was doing in ‘his’ garden, as if to inquire why I was there! He showed me the many flowers which had sprung up from nowhere….my mother hadn’t planted them, nor had I! Somehow they had come across into my garden from somewhere or other. They were more than welcome.

The experienced gardener was so excited about the life in the garden and the potential it has to be fabulous, that his excitement was contagious. I too became excited and wanted to have a pretty colourful garden all the time. And I have….this blog is about how to have a pretty and fun garden like Auntie Sue and Rebecca. In fact, I do think its about time we heard from do tune in again to hear exactly how they did it…But we all need the correct tools and equipment. So are you interested in gardening as a hobby? Do you want to see and buy the latest equipment and tools? Then lets go gardening! Go to The one stop gardening site for all your needs including Gardening & Wildlife News, Shopping, Information, Forum, Gallery & much more.

See you back here soon!!



It was exciting as today 22nd October 2016,  Rebecca and the Strangest Garden was launched at the University Women’s club in Mayfair, London. The long awaited children’s book  ‘Rebecca and the Strangest Garden’ by V V Thomas  depicts the adventure of a young  schoolgirl named Rebecca, who goes to stay with her auntie for what she thought would be a quiet and peaceful half-term break. Rebecca’s time away from school was to be interrupted by new mystery friends, disasters averted and much more… Rebecca soon learned the true meaning of ‘hearing it on the grapevine’, ‘gossips over the garden fence’ and, before long, she too recognised the importance of having ‘green fingers’. This is an excellent tale of supernatural friendships, survival and hope.

The author V V Thomas (Vi Thomas),  lives in London where she work as a qualified nurse. In her spare time, she enjoys writing and has undertaken numerous written assignments, such as editing an Infection Control book, co-authoring a ‘Safety Toolkit for Midwives’, and sitting on an editorial board for a national nursing journal. ‘Rebecca and the Strangest Garden’ was first published on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing under a pen name, where the feedback encouraged her to put the story into print for a wider audience.

The book is published by Thomas V Publishing. It is now available in paperback and limited colour edition hardback; both versions have a special ‘Colouring Corner’ section, which is a particular treat for the reader. The eBook version is also available, with the audio version scheduled for early 2017.

Prepare to be charmed by ‘Rebecca and the Strangest Garden’ by V V Thomas. Available from Amazon, Waterstones and other good bookstores.

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Introducing Rebecca and the Strangest Garden and MY Strange Garden



We have one week to go before my first children’s book, Rebecca and the Strangest Garden, goes live!! This book is such a dream as it encourages children to take a genuine interest in the garden, plants, and flowers. It teaches how to respect them and to treat them with care. It inspires children to cherish the lovely colours, the peace and tranquility of a garden as well as to expect the unexpected.


I have always struggled with gardening and relied on my mother, or professional gardeners to create a good garden. Soon my garden was colourful, tidy and organised….but not for long. I did not have the knowledge, the skills or the patience to keep the flowers and plants healthy, the grass watered, the weeds at bay, the leaves cleared away…etc. Soon, my poor garden was no longer pretty to look at and I did not go into the garden at all. As a result, my garden became the hiding place for unpleasant wild life such as a rat and a fox were found to have visited the garden!!! Aaahhh! I found my garden to be a strange place, with all sorts of creepy crawlies, flowers with strange names, different routines…the list goes on. In this blog, I will share with you my adventure of turning my strange garden into a fun and fantastic garden. Perhaps not as extraordinary as Rebecca’s, but just as lovely all the same.


Rebecca and the Strangest Garden is a story I wrote a few years ago which was originally published on Amazon Kindle Publishing Direct (under my pen name!!). The feedback was positive and encouraged me to make this book more widely available. The story is now available, published by Thomas V Publishing, in paperback, hardback, ebook and will soon be available on audio.So, as my strange garden counts down to face the winter in the UK, Rebecca’s Strangest Garden counts down to be available to a wide range of readers! It’s like planting a little seed in the soil, and waiting to see what exactly it will become. Will it be a small little plant? Will the birds fly off with the seed before it has a chance to germinate and grow? or will it blossom into a wonderful plant which will blossom and bloom year in and year out? I hope the book will be the latter! Blossoming and blooming and blessing everyone who reads it for years and and years to come! Seven days and we go live….look out for my next blog and I will tell you all about our celebration book launch to celebrate the birth of Rebecca and the Strangest Garden by V V Thomas. Happy Gardening!