Gardening Lessons for Children – Lesson 2

Hi There! It’s Aunty Sue again. A few people have been asking why I will be sharing my gardening tips to Rebecca and others. Gardening lessons for children is a fantastic investment into the future. This is due to it instilling into children the importance of respecting the environment and nature. It is likely to reap benefits for the future of the planet.  Therefore, this should be included in the school curriculum and not just depend on a teacher’s special interest. For those wanting to follow, here are some ideas to help with these lessons:

Take the Time to Teach

First of all, make time to teach gardening lessons. In Rebecca and the Strangest Garden, Rebecca was thrilled that I, her Aunty Sue, took the time to teach her about the flowers. In particular when the beautiful plant, African Lilly, needed re-potting. Beforehand, it appeared the pretty African Lily plant was dying. It was. All because it was planted in the wrong place and consequently the wrong soil.  I explained to Rebecca the importance of the correct positioning in the garden. Some flowers like the sun others thrive in the shade. Without the proper education about the gardening, as a result, plants will die.

Make Gardening Lessons Practical

These lessons need to be both informative and practical. I  not only explained the facts, once I’ve  had checked them in my large gardening book of course! I also demonstrated gardening to Rebecca. Gardening lessons need to provide the opportunity for hands on involvement because children will learn more. 

Teach Gardening Lessons about Nature

Most children love getting their hands dirty and  playing in the soil. The boys particularly enjoy the slugs and worms. A session on wildlife in the gardening lessons would make it very memorable for lovers of bugs and slugs. Rebecca wasn’t too keen!

Miss Bateman, one of the lovely flowers in my garden, objected strenuously to the bees buzzing around her! But, the gardening lesson will show the importance of bees and how infact they help spread the pollen so the flowers can multiply and live on.

Vegetable Raising

Some schools have allotments which helps the gardening lessons to include how to grow your own vegetables.  This is particularly useful for children to learn how to be self sufficient and sustaining. 

Fox News reports on Martin Luther King Jr Elementary School  programme called “Gather and Grow”. In the programme, the children are provided with gardening boxes. They learn about the basics of planting, growing, and harvesting vegetables and herbs. Learning about fresh food is important at a time when child obesity is such a concern. Encouraging gardening (exercising) and producing fresh vegetables and herbs (diet/nutrition) is great for children.

Don’t Forget Groundskeeping

Recycling items, and eliminating plastics are all key to environmental friendly behaviour. As a result, gardening lessons need to include these topics to preserve nature. The use of old containers for vegetables or plant pots, is an example of how recycling can improve the garden. The weeding, tilling and raking must be included.

Can you imagine the benefits for an entire family if the next generation is familiar with gardening processes? Families in years to come can be provided for and sustained because of gardening lessons during childhood years! Furthermore, the younger generation can pass on their knowledge and values for the environment to others. The benefits for the children, families and local communities are endless. It can lead to the sustenance of an entire community. 

The children at Martin Luther King Jr Elementary School were fortunate to have gardening lessons. Furthermore, I am sure like Rebecca, there will be budding gardeners among them!

Well done MLK Jr Elementary School and to all who follow them!

Until next time!

Aunty Sue xx