The Excited Gardener

One day an experience gardener visited. He was so impressed with my garden, that he began to show me the friendly wild life that visited and even stayed. He showed me the two naughty squirrels who ran up and down the fence and hopped away into the nearby tree. If I was not going to enjoy the garden, they were going to. He showed me the many worms who popped their heads out to visit. He showed the robin red breast who was extremely inquisitive and who would fly right in from of me to check what I was doing in ‘his’ garden, as if to inquire why I was there! He showed me the many flowers which had sprung up from nowhere….my mother hadn’t planted them, nor had I! Somehow they had come across into my garden from somewhere or other. They were more than welcome.

The experienced gardener was so excited about the life in the garden and the potential it has to be fabulous, that his excitement was contagious. I too became excited and wanted to have a pretty colourful garden all the time. And I have….this blog is about how to have a pretty and fun garden like Auntie Sue and Rebecca. In fact, I do think its about time we heard from do tune in again to hear exactly how they did it…But we all need the correct tools and equipment. So are you interested in gardening as a hobby? Do you want to see and buy the latest equipment and tools? Then lets go gardening! Go to The one stop gardening site for all your needs including Gardening & Wildlife News, Shopping, Information, Forum, Gallery & much more.

See you back here soon!!

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